Get a hotel room UPGRADE

Get a hotel room UPGRADE


Are you planning to stay in Rzeszow city and just make a decision about choosing a hotel ?


See our special offer.

You can get a hotel room upgrade on a specific date.

The terms for this promotion will be announced on a regular basis on our corporate Facebook profile. 


To take advantage of the offer you must meet the following conditions:

1) Like our company funpage on Facebook :  and follow our posts

2) When post  "GET A HOTEL UPGRADE" (with the information about period of promotion) appears , book a hotel room in a selected standard  (economy, economy plus, Studio or Premium)  by phone ( +48 17 860 65 00) or via e-mail:

3) When booking, recall password: # UPGRADE and enjoy a hotel room upgrade


More information about our special offer:

Phone: +48 17 860 65 00